Solving Data Security for HIPAA & PCI

API + UI + Comply

CompliaShield offers cloud based HIPAA & PCI compliant data vaults, healthcare billpay and file management. We provide a powerful solution for EHR ecosystems and portals, linking multiple organizations and vendors with full administration capabilities, access delegation, transparency and logging. We are proudly located in Denver, CO.

The CompliaShield Difference

The Tools You Need

We Believe

All healthcare records should move freely and SECURELY in the cloud and that all patients have the right to view their individual records online with ease.

Healthcare providers and their partners should have complete and assured protection and compliance, management and reporting tools that are intuitive and robust, and that their records and data should never be held hostage by systems that impede onboarding and offboarding.

Developers should have a trusted API to dream-up and to build apps that will make all our lives easier and better.

We deliver all of this securely in the cloud.

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